To support your child’s healthy, growing brain

E-SPECIAL Super Kids Support [60 gelcaps]

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For supplementing nutrients we tend to lack in our daily diets. Contains DHA and EPA for learning and memory, to support those who study and work hard. For adults and children ages 10 and up.
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Recommended for people like this.

Children ages 10 and up
Children who study hard
Those who want to focus on work
Those who want to improve their memory

Dr. ERI’s development points

While raising my own child, I wondered why the children’s supplements that abound in the USA are nowhere to be found in Japan. That was how I came to create supplements that can be given safely to children. Of course it’s best to obtain nutrients from meals, but sometimes it’s hard to do this every day. This supplement supports healthy, growing brains.

Product information

Supplement that can be taken by children for a healthy mind and blood

To see, to remember, to think.
DHA and EPA support these important tasks, but are hard to take in through food.
This supplement contains high-purity omega-3 fatty acids. The proportion of fatty acids is increased to over 75% through a special manufacturing method.
It is recommended for those who study or work hard every day.

Customer Comments

I take it with my kids
I take it with my kids, because it contains a good balance of DHA and EPA that adults need, too. It’s helpful because my kids are curious about what I’m taking, and don’t balk at taking them.
Woman in 30s
As a good luck charm for my teen taking exams
Studying for entrance exams is pretty hard, so I buy this to support my teen in whatever way I can. It’s a good luck charm.
Woman in 30s
The label is cute!
I leave the bottle on my dining table as a reminder to take it. The label design is stylish, so it doesn’t ruin my interior decor.
Woman in 20s

How to take

StepAs a guideline, take 1 gelcap per day with water without chewing.
Main nutrients/ingredients
Main Nutrients
Per gelcap (0.9 g) per day
Protein: 0 g, Fats: 0.62 g, Carbohydrate: 0 g, Salt equivalent: 0.013 g, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): 387 mg, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA): 100 mg
*These values shown are approximate.

Fish oil extract