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Dr. ERI's original "ZO SKIN" collaboration set is now available!

Dr. ERI's Original "ZO SKIN" Collaboration Set All-Skin Basic Program (Skin Regeneration)

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Recommended period of use: 3 weeks
A program to replace and rejuvenate your skin.
It can approach deep wrinkles and blemishes.

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All-Skin Basic Program (Skin Regeneration)

Dr. ERI's Original "ZO SKIN" Collaboration Set

While taking advantage of the good points of ZO SKIN,
this is an original ERI Clinic Omotesando set that combines ERI Clinic's original formula external medicine and E-SPECIAL
to provide the "born again" effect of clinic-level skin in a simple step.
This program is recommended for those who don't want peeling skin.

E-SPECIAL Cleansing Gel V

With this one bottle, you can remove makeup and wash your face while moisturizing.

E-SPECIAL Moisture Lotion V

Using ano technology that reduces the size of the water droplets, moisture penetrates deep into your skin.

E-SPECIAL Skin Clear Serum<Mild Doctor Peel>

This beauty serum is gentle to use and contains hyaluronic acid and keratin clearing agents mainly made from plant extracts.
A peeling serum that does not need to be wiped off. You can do thorough keratin care just by applying it after lotion.

E-SPECIAL Skin Polish Gel <Mild Doctor Peel α>

Gel that smoothly removes keratin without acid or other peeling agents.
Uses the power of weak static electricity to capture and remove only old keratin, removing roughness and dullness.
Can also be used as skincare for the neck, eyes, and décolleté area.


A makeup base that brightens your skin tone and protect your skin from Uvultoraviolet rays.
The easy-to-use yellow-based coloring gives your skin a slight gloss and transparency.
SPF35, PA++, Non-Chemical (No Ultraviolet Absorber Used)



ZO SKIN Balancer Toner


Retinoic acid 4 g


Kojic acid 5 g


Hydroquinone 5 g


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