e special

Doctor's cosmetics drE based on dermatology

An advanced age-defying care* product, born from the fusion of cell biology and cosmetic medicine

An advanced age-defying care* product

We are excited to announce the launch of "E-SPECIAL E-XO


Basic Care Line

Simple care with 4 basic items + special care


Advance Care Line

"Aggressive" care for even more beautiful skin


Supplement Line

I stared at beauty and health
"Doctor-prescribed" supplements

General Director of Eri Clinic Omotesando Cosmetic Dermatologist / Physician

Eri Katagiri

Katagiri Collar

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin. How can I get that beauty? As I get older, I have come to realize that beauty exists above health, and that beauty is based on good health. Also, from now on, I think it will be important to take care of your home not just for now, but for the future.
E-special is a brand that wants to help you with total care for your skin and body, as well as future-oriented care.
Aim for the beauty that blooms at this moment, and the beauty that you can look forward to with confidence years later.

General Director of Eri Clinic Omotesando Cosmetic Dermatologist / Physician

Eri Katagiri

Katagiri Collar


E-special is a care series developed by Eri Katagiri, director of Eri Clinic Omotesando.
Based on my experience as a doctor who has been in contact with many patients, and based on my experience of overcoming my own skin complex, I have continued to create products that are close to the feelings of users.
With a rich lineup of skin care and supplements, we will lead you to a lively and beautiful skin, body, and mind.

User's voice

Eternal cleansing!
Undisclosed age

I have been using it for over ten years. Sometimes I use products from other companies and reconfirm the goodness of this e-special cleansing. Please keep making it from now on.

Practicing bowel activity
30 generations

When I continued to work hard, I fell into poor physical condition and came across this supplement to start intestinal activity. Since I started taking it, I feel less tired and wake up feeling better.

It looks like a moisturizing serum
Undisclosed age

I was hesitant about peeling serums, but when I read a magazine and tried this serum as a sample, I was impressed with how it felt like a moisturizing serum. However, since the roughness of the skin has been reduced, I can feel the peeling effect firmly.

reward mask
40 generations

I bought it as a reward for myself who worked hard. At this price, I don't think it's expensive considering that you can do skin care with beauty ingredients that are actually used in anti-aging treatments at beauty clinics.

You can change it to your cycle!
30 generations

I'm happy to be able to purchase elegant products at a great price every time and care for them at home! It's nice to be able to have it delivered early if you're about to run out, or change it to your own cycle.

Introducing the Cleansing Gel

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