Our commitment to E-SPECIAL supplements

supplements focusing on beauty and health

As the global environment deteriorates and many people suffer from stress and other problems, the importance of inner beauty continues to rise. Yet there are those who take supplements randomly, without any clear objectives.

E-SPECIAL supplements are developed from a doctor’s perspective, building on the knowledge and experience gained through Dr. Eri Katagiri’s clinical practice and the trends in medical care.

We recommend this care not only for health but also for beauty, as we believe that “Beauty is built on health.”


"Doctor-prescribed" in the pursuit of perceivable results

Rigorously selected, trusted ingredients, optimally blended for each purpose. High concentrations of key ingredients for reliable improvement.

Select the product best suited to your purpose

“Internal care” can mean many things to many people - managing their health, losing weight, being active, etc. Our wide range of products lets you choose the supplement that is perfect for you.

Add on to your basic internal care

For efficient, precision replenishing of components that ordinary multinutrient supplements can’t quite achieve, such as niacin for better lipid metabolism and glucosamine for smoother joint movement.