Frequently Asked Questions

General information about e-special


Is it okay for people with sensitive or thin skin?
Many patients with skin problems such as sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, and redness visit our clinic, but they use E-special with peace of mind.
All E-special products are doctor's cosmetics developed over many years by the director, and are fragrance-free and alcohol-free.
It is a cosmetic that gently nurtures the skin, with a focus on the combination of ingredients and water, so it can be used safely by people with sensitive skin.
Is it okay to use even if I have redness?
Redness due to dryness can be improved by moisturizing.
However, if you have inflammation such as itching or burning, do not try to improve it with cosmetics. We will diagnose the cause of the redness.
If it is difficult to visit the clinic, please consult a nearby dermatologist.
Please tell us the age group of E-special's target audience and regular users.
E-Special's feature is that it can be used regardless of age or skin type.
Based on thorough moisturizing, it is a product that aims for skin that is not shaken by various skin problems caused by aging, so it is effective not only for those who are concerned about aging, but also for young people who are highly aware of aging. I have realized a lot of.
In fact, it is favored by women in a wide range of age groups, from their 20s to their 70s.
Why don't you make cosmetics for different skin types?
Originally, most Japanese women have combination skin.
For E-Special, we have carefully selected the formulation of ingredients so that each skin's natural, stable, and fine texture can be achieved without having to take care of each skin type. You can use it without choosing.
What is the difference from organic cosmetics?
Organic cosmetics are cosmetics that are mainly composed of organic plant ingredients that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
However, if you are allergic to plants, some people may not agree with your skin at all, and some plant extracts are highly irritating, so organic does not necessarily mean skin-friendly.
E-Special carefully selects the ingredients, giving top priority to a gentle formula that can be used by even the most sensitive skin.
Why is it not a quasi-drug?
Quasi-drugs are subject to very strict regulations.
As a result, the necessary ingredients and concentrations may not be sufficiently blended, and quasi-drugs are not necessarily more effective than cosmetics when considering the balance of ingredient blends.
Is there any effect if I don't use it on the line?
Of course, it can be used as a single item, but we are manufacturing products aiming for a synergistic effect by using it on the line, so if you want a higher effect, we recommend using the line.
Can it be used in combination with products from other companies?
Of course you can use it. However, it is also compatible with other companies' products, so I think you will be able to feel the effects more if you use it in the series.
Do all the people who come to the clinic use e-special?
More than 80% of our customers use E-Special.
I saw it in a magazine, but do many celebrities visit your clinic?
I can't give you a specific answer, but thankfully, many people visit our clinic and use our products regularly.

About ingredients and additives

Does it contain preservatives?
Preservatives are used to maintain safe quality, such as preventing oxidation and the growth of bacteria, but the amount is minimal and does not harm the skin.
Does it contain perfume or alcohol?
All E-special products are hypoallergenic, coloring-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free.
The formula is gentle on the skin.
Alcohol has the property of refreshing the feeling of use, but it is a strong stimulus that is sometimes used in experiments to destroy the barrier function of the skin surface (lowering immunity).
For that reason, E-Special is also particular about being alcohol-free.
Does it contain surfactant?
For stabilization, we use a very small amount of surfactant-like substance, but it is less than a few tenths of the level of general shampoos and facial cleansers, so it may cause skin problems. There are few people who can.
Please rest assured.

About the effect

Is there any effect on pores?
Pores become conspicuous due to increased sebum secretion and dry skin.
Aging care ingredients and high moisturizing ingredients can be expected to have the effect of smoothing the surface of the skin and making pores less noticeable.
Will the liver spots also become thinner?
Melasma is greatly affected by stress and hormones, and it may also become darker due to skin irritation.
Of course, it is very important to take care of the skin from the surface, such as protecting it from UV rays and moisturizing it, but if you are aiming for fundamental improvement, you can use beauty treatments such as whitening mesotherapy (a method of injecting whitening ingredients into areas with blemishes). It is effective to adopt medical care wisely. In some cases, it disappeared in about 3 weeks.
Isn't the main ingredient hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is included as the main ingredient because it is the most necessary for the skin, but we also believe that ingredients that actively nurture skin firmness and elasticity are essential for aging care.
For that reason, we evolved it during the renewal two years ago to effectively combine the three as the main ingredients and bring about further synergistic effects.

About texture

Do you think that the overall feeling of use is refreshing?
In order to allow you to check the penetration with the palm of your hand, it is finished with a non-sticky feel without being thicker than necessary.
In addition, although you can create your own oil (sebum), water evaporates quickly, and when it comes to moisturizing, we prioritize replenishing water instead of oil, so you can instantly feel refreshed. It may be, but it is designed to bring out the natural moisture of the skin by adjusting the balance of water and oil as you use it.

About usage

How different is the effect between using cotton and applying directly by hand without using cotton?
It depends on the person's skin type, but by applying it with your hands, the temperature of your hands makes it easier to penetrate, and by touching the skin directly, you can feel more if the moisture has penetrated your skin, and your skin condition. You can also know
On the other hand, using cotton allows it to penetrate evenly and has the advantage of being able to use a moisturizing lotion or moisturizing gel as a pack after putting.
Doesn't it hurt if it gets in your eyes?
This product is not originally intended for use in the eyes, so be careful not to get it in your eyes when using it.
If it gets in your eyes, immediately wash it away with running water, and if you feel any irritation or discomfort, immediately consult your doctor.

About the package

Why is there a pink and black base in the E-special package?
E-special has two lines.
One is the basic care line, which is based on soft pink that expresses the gentleness of E-special.
In addition, the black-based product, as an active renew line, has a strong image with the color black, aiming for the same high-level effect as the clinic.

About future item development

Are you thinking about developing products for men or teens in the future?
E-Special is loved by people of all ages.
It can be used by teens, and it is a product developed so that it can be used for long-term aging care.
Men's cosmetics are currently under development.

About Basic Care Line

About Cleansing Gel V

why did you get smaller?
It is easy to try even for the first time, and we have reduced the capacity and made it affordable so that you can easily purchase it.
It's a compact size that you can carry around as it is, so it's also recommended as a companion to the gym or when traveling.
Are there any changes other than capacity and price?
The main ingredients and effects remain the same. You can use it as before.
Can I use it in the bathroom?
Do not wet your face and hands, please use it in a dry state.
It is difficult to get the contents out after use.
Because it contains a lot of beauty ingredients, it may be difficult to get out at the end. Shake well before use.
My cleansing gel has hardened, what is the reason?
Moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen are blended to prevent moisture from escaping from the skin when washing the face.
Hyaluronic acid has the property of hardening at low temperatures, so hyaluronic acid and oils may harden during winter.
As a countermeasure,
① Open the lid and take out
②Have it in a hot water bath
③ Shake the bottle well regularly
We recommend the above measures.
Do you need to wash twice?
We do not recommend double cleansing because it puts a strain on the skin and deprives the skin of the moisture it needs.
E-special cleansing gel can be used for cleansing and washing your face. Never rub, use your fingertips to blend lightly.
Can I wash my face after cleansing?
E-special's cleansing gel is a product that does not require double cleansing. If you still want to wash your face, we recommend using it only on the T-zone.
Will waterproof mascara come off too?
Waterproof mascara can also be removed, but there are types that are difficult to remove, so in such cases, we recommend using a special cleanser for the eyes instead of forcibly rubbing.
The cleansing gel contains mineral oil. Is mineral oil bad for the skin?
A small amount of mineral oil is used to remove oily dirt such as makeup, but the main base is hyaluronic acid.
In addition, carefully selected mineral oil has been refined with advanced refining technology and has been proven to be safer than vegetable oil, so you can use it with confidence.
Will the redness go away using the cleansing gel?
It depends on the cause of the redness, but I think it is difficult to remove the redness with just the cleansing gel. However, it is fully conceivable that continued use will improve the skin and reduce redness.
If it is redness due to dryness, you can expect improvement by moisturizing with E Special.
However, if you have itching, burning, or inflammation, do not force yourself to use cosmetics, and first consult our clinic. We will examine the underlying cause of the redness.
If it is difficult to visit the clinic, please consult a nearby dermatologist.
How does the cleansing gel feel?
Unlike general oil cleansing, it is a gel that feels very light and smooth from the moment you put it on your skin.
Even if you don't use force, just slide your fingertips lightly and the makeup and dirt will melt away.
Moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are luxuriously blended, and it feels as if you are washing with a serum, so you should be able to feel the ultimate moisture without feeling sticky even after rinsing.

About Moisture Gel V

Does the moisture gel feel refreshing?
It has an oil-in-water base with a water-like texture to provide sufficient hydration.
When the skin is very dry, we recommend using it as a pack by soaking the gel in a cotton pad.
The moisture gel has a milky color, but is it a "gel"?
Considering comfort and penetration, we have formulated a water-based formula, but please think of it as a "milky lotion".

About Moisture Lotion V

The lotion feels smooth?
The particles are made finer to increase the penetration rate, so you may feel that way, but it contains a large amount of various moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
In addition, it is not sticky and thick so that you can check the penetration with your palm. If you are still concerned about dryness, we recommend using a double lotion, applying lotion once and then applying lotion again.

About Beauty White Mask

what kind of product is it?
An original mask developed by Dr. Eri for clear and smooth skin.
While giving the skin moisture and transparency, it is generously formulated with ingredients that address various skin concerns such as dryness, uneven texture, dullness and pores.
What kind of ingredients are included?
It contains proteoglycan, a notable ingredient that restores firmness to the skin.
Contains hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, vitamin C derivatives and arbutin for transparency, and other plant-derived cultured cell extracts.
What effect does it have?
Formulated with vitamin C derivatives and arbutin to bring out the clarity of your skin.
Especially recommended for those who aim for smooth and transparent skin.
The action of hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture to the skin to make it fresh, and the plant stem cell extract works effectively on the firmness of the skin.
A mask that leads to fresh, firm skin and translucent skin.
Please tell me how to use the mask well.
After cleansing your face, lightly condition your skin with lotion before using.
Carefully spread the mask out of the bag, align the eyes, and then align the lips. Put it on your face so that it adheres to the whole face, leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then peel it off.
Let the essence remaining on your face be absorbed firmly into your hands, neck, and décolletage.
Is it more effective the longer you leave it on your face?
It is recommended to leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes.
If you put a dry mask on your face as it is, it may deprive your skin of moisture. Remove from your face before the mask dries completely.
How many times a week should I use it?
Use 2-3 times a week depending on your skin condition. Of course you can use it every day.
I feel like I'm not getting enough moisture even with a mask.
We also recommend using the E-special line for skincare other than masks, such as cleansing gel, moisturizing lotion, and active cream.
By using it in total, it will lead to skin that is resistant to dryness and UV rays.
Can I reuse the mask once used?
Once used, the mask may have sebum, sweat, bacteria, etc. attached to it.
For hygiene reasons, please use the mask immediately after opening the bag and do not reuse the mask after use.

About Active Renew Line

active renewal line

Will the original turnover function decline with continued use?
Turnover tends to decline as we age, so proper care for dead skin cells will improve skin metabolism and enhance turnover function.
This product only clears dead skin cells and dirt remaining in pores, and does not damage new skin cells, so there is no need to worry about the barrier function or moisturizing function of your skin deteriorating.
Can people with thin skin use it?
Many people think that thin skin basically refers to the surface of the skin, but it is more correct to say that the dermis is thin.
This product removes only old keratin on the epidermis, so please make it a habit to regulate your skin cycle.
Why are there two types of peeling products?
Adult skin, whose turnover tends to be disturbed due to aging, often causes “skin clogging” due to excess keratin.
Therefore, double-use keratin care can now be said to be essential basic skin care for adult skin.
By gradually clearing dead skin cells with a serum that can be used every day and removing dead skin cells with a gel, you can maximize the effect of subsequent skin care.
How can I use the two items properly?
Mild Doctor Peel loosens old keratin with AHA to gradually smooth skin regeneration, and human oligopeptide promotes skin regeneration.
It has the effect of creating a sharp and firm tone, so please use it on a daily basis as if it were a serum, including around the eyes.
Mild Doctor Peel α removes old keratin and wipes away roughness and dullness, so it feels like a special care once a week.
If you use it on areas of concern such as around the nose, chin, and forehead, the transparency will increase and the make-up glue will go up!
What kind of skin condition does it improve after using it?
It has an immediate effect of removing dullness and roughness, so the more you use it, the more you will notice changes in the brightness and luster of your skin!
Removing unnecessary keratin also leads to the improvement of many skin problems.
By regulating skin metabolism, you can grow skin that is resistant to aging.
Will my stretch marks disappear with the Mild Doctor Peel series?
Stretch marks are caused by the rapid growth of the skin, so they cannot be completely removed with cosmetics alone.
Although there are individual differences, it is effective to remove the keratin of stretch marks and crevices that have been made with Peel α gel, and to enhance skin regeneration with peel serum that can be used on a daily basis.
We have received many comments that the dark spots around the areola, V-line, base of the legs, armpits and ingrown hair have become lighter.

mild doctor peel

What kind of acid is used?
It is an acid called AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which is mainly composed of fruit acid.
The clinic's original formulation minimizes irritation and burden on the skin while maintaining a firm peeling effect.
The moisturizing function is also emphasized, so there is no tingling or tight feeling, and the firmness and luster are improved.
Is it different from the BHA peeling done at the clinic?
BHA peeling is a peeling that uses salicylic acid, which is stronger than AHA to remove unevenness of the skin and blackheads in pores.
Since it penetrates deeper than AHA, it is used in clinics as a special treatment for acne scars, pores around the nose, heels, elbows, and other hard skin areas.
What percentage of AHA is included?
1 percent.
Can I use it every day?
Mainly plant-based AHA such as bilberry extract, sugar cane extract, and orange extract, plus plenty of moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
It has a mild feeling of use that suppresses the dryness and irritation that peeling agents tend to have, and gently exfoliates the skin little by little, so it is a prescription that you can use every day.
However, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you check the condition at least twice a week.
Also, if you have inflammation or wounds such as redness, irritation, itching, etc., please avoid using it.
Won't the spots get darker?
It is designed to exfoliate without physical stimulation, but please be careful not to use too strong a massage.
Rather, the more you use it, the more skin metabolism will increase, and you can expect the melanin that causes spots to be discharged.
However, after peeling, please take sufficient moisturizing and UV protection.

Mild Doctor Peel α

Why can static electricity exfoliate?
When you apply the gel to your skin and massage it lightly, the gel will eventually turn into water.
This physical change and the weak static electricity generated by the friction of the massage play a role in separating the old and new keratinocytes.
At the same time, the liquid gel penetrates into the stratum corneum and takes in the peeled old keratinocytes and the sebum and dirt that stick to the gel.
Don't worry, static electricity does not cause a tingling sensation.
There are many peeling gels that fall off, but what is it?
Old keratin, excess sebum, dirt, etc. are mixed with the base material and ingredients used in the base of cosmetics.
The main beauty ingredients of this product are plant-derived ingredients such as wild thyme extract, panax ginseng root extract, and marjoram leaf extract.
How long can it be used with proper dosage?
Although it depends on the frequency of use, even a small amount will spread well, so even if you use it 2-3 times a week, you can use it for about 3 months.
Can it be used on the body as well?
It is also recommended for treating dead skin cells such as hardened knees and elbows! Also use it to care for your décolletage and neck.
Increases clarity and smoothness.
Tell me when to use it effectively!
When the keratin is thickened, there is no problem even if you use it continuously every day.
For the first 3 days or so, the old keratin will peel off, but it will disappear gradually.
It is designed to peel off unnecessary keratin without applying any force, so please be careful not to rub it too hard even if the keratin does not come out.
Also, if water or sebum remains on your skin, static electricity is less likely to occur, so please wipe off the water thoroughly after washing your face before using.

Premium Eye & Lash Serum

What was renewed from the previous eyelash serum?
In addition to the conventional triple action of 1. Eyelash growth effect, 2. Moisturizing around the eyes, and 3. Moisturizing and protecting eyelashes, Pycnogenol, which has powerful antioxidant power, is newly added.
Prevents aging around the eyes by protecting the eyelashes and skin around the eyes from stress and oxidation caused by eye makeup. It is finished with a rare “luxury prescription” as an eyelash serum.
In addition, by adopting the "original screw brush" that has been improved to adhere to thin and fine eyelashes, you can keep mascara, extensions, and eyelash perms firm.
And since the conventional eyelash serum was well received, we have made it easier to purchase with a volume discount as a way of thanking our customers.
Will the missing eyelashes increase or will the missing eyelashes grow back?
Eyelashes do not grow where there is no hair root. It nourishes the eyelashes and eyelids that become thin and thin with age, and makes the eyelashes thicker and longer.
However, at Eri Clinic Omotesando, we also have Dr. Eri's Eyelash Beauty Program, an effective and affordable menu that combines this serum with the eyelash growth agent "Glash Vista", which is a pharmaceutical product, so we definitely want to increase it. If you are interested, please contact Eri Clinic Omotesando.
*Glash Vista is a pharmaceutical product. Prescription requires a doctor's diagnosis.
I have extensions. Is it safe to use them?
In recent years, the number of women with damaged eyelashes due to eyelash perms and extensions has increased rapidly.
Please use it with confidence because it is designed so that such women can fully realize the effect.
Continuing to use it not only restores hair, but also makes the eyelash perm and extension last longer.
It also comes off easily with hot water, so you don't need a special cleanser.
When is it effective?
It is recommended to use 2-3 times a day after cleansing, skincare, and when retouching makeup.
When using it as an eyelash serum, after washing your face in the morning and evening, spread it 2-3 times from the hairline to the tip of the hair, and apply it evenly over the entire eyelashes. It can also be used as a base or top coat for mascara.
It is a beauty essence that contains only ingredients that are safe for the skin and can be applied to the eyelids, so please use it as a skin care around the eyes.
After skin care in the morning and evening, gently apply around the hairline with a cotton swab and let it absorb lightly.
I wondered if the liquid was smooth and well applied.
Unlike mascara, it has a less sticky formula so that the ingredients can penetrate the eyelids and eyelashes.
Please be assured that it is a special screw brush that can be applied firmly to each eyelash.
Is it okay if it gets in my eyes?
We place importance on safety so that it can be used for many years without irritating not only the skin around the eyes but also the eyeballs. Please use it so that it does not enter.
In the unlikely event that it gets into your eyes, wash it off with running water, and if you feel uncomfortable, consult your doctor.
How long does it take to feel the effects?
Although there are individual differences, we have received many feedback that the eyelashes became firmer and less likely to fall out after 1-2 weeks.
Especially for the lower eyelashes, there are many people who feel the effect quickly, and there are reports that the eyelashes have grown and increased as early as about 4 weeks after use.
How many months can one bottle last?
The capacity is set to 7 mg so that you can use it fully. It depends on how many times you use it a day, but I think you can use it for 2-3 months on average if you use it morning and night.
However, you can expect a quick effect by applying it several times a day, so we recommend using up one bottle in 1.5 to 2 months.
Hair growth for eyelashes is attracting attention, but in the future will it be applied to products related to hair growth for women's scalp?
Ingredients that supply nutrients to the hair roots of the eyelashes may, of course, promote hair growth, but for hair growth on the scalp, we directly inject ingredients that promote hair growth and hair growth as part of our medical care. We are doing hair growth mesotherapy. Please take a look there if you are interested.

multi supplement

What kind of product is it?
This supplement was developed by Dr. Eri to actively and efficiently support beauty and health from the inside as well as treatments and treatments from the outside.
We developed this product with the aim of providing “total aging and beauty care” so that the leaders and mature generations who have a lot of social experience can live a healthier and more fulfilling life.
What's the difference between women's and men's?
Considering that women and men need different nutrients, we carefully selected the ingredients.
For women, we focused on ingredients that improve skin transparency, improve firmness and luster, and take into account the changes peculiar to women due to aging and hormonal balance.
For men, we take into consideration the body's oxidation and lifestyle habits so that we can spend every day with vitality, and we also take menopause into consideration.
What is the difference between Basic and Premium?
Basic is an ingredient content that focuses on supplying basic nutrients for a healthy and youthful life.
Premium is an efficient and wide range of nutrients for antioxidants that you want to supplement more actively with age.
What kind of ingredients are included?
Contains recommended ingredients for both basic and premium products for women and men.

In addition to vitamin C, magnesium, L-lysine, alpha lipoic acid and other basic vitamins and minerals, it contains iron, collagen, and alpha lipoic acid, which are important for women.

Vitamin C, multi-probiotic blend 4000, ascorbic acid reduction divalent iron, etc. Strengthen iron and minerals that women tend to lack. It is a formulation that focuses on bringing out a sense of transparency.

Vitamin C, calcium, L-lysine, L-cystine, soy isoflavone, L-proline, and other vitamins, iron, collagen, and other ingredients that are important for beauty. added.

While supplying vitamin C, calcium, inositol, biotin and other basic vitamins and minerals, it also contains B vitamins that are effective for those who get tired easily, and zinc that supports taste, smell and immunity.

Contains vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, quercetin, and other vitamins and minerals that support daily health, quercetin, which is important for maintaining immunity, and zinc, which is important for taste and smell.

Vitamin C, vitamin A, L-arginine, saw palmetto, and other vitamins and minerals that are important to supplement daily are blended in a variety of ways. rice field.
How many bags should I take in a day?
For Basic, take 1 sachet a day as a guide. After breakfast is recommended. For Premium, take 1 package of 1 and 1 package of 2 daily.
It is recommended to get into the habit of taking 1 after breakfast and 2 after dinner.
When is the best time to take it?
Continuation is important, so it is recommended to make it a habit in your daily life. If you take it after breakfast and dinner, you won't forget it, and it will be efficiently absorbed together with the food in your stomach.
It is not recommended to take this product before meals or on an empty stomach, as even small amounts of this product may stimulate the secretion of gastric acid.
Is it more effective to take more?
Excessive consumption does not bring about great effects. It is important to follow the daily guideline amount (appropriate amount) and maintain it as a habit.
Capsules and grains are large and difficult to swallow. Can I crush the tablets into smaller pieces or open the capsules before drinking?
When taken in the form of capsules or tablets, it is designed to be absorbed by the body just right, so please take it as is with water.
If you find it difficult to eat, take it with unsweetened yogurt (about 1 tablespoon) to make it easier to pass through your throat.
Should I take premium 1 and 2 together once a day?
Even if you eat it all at once, the ingredients may not be absorbed sufficiently and may be excreted in a short time, so it is recommended to divide and eat one packet each day.
It is recommended that you decide the timing of your daily intake, such as after meals in the morning and at night, according to your daily rhythm so that you can easily continue.
If I forget to take a dose, can I take it all at once?
It is recommended that you continue to take it every day, but forgetting to take one day will not have any particular effect. Also, it does not lead to a positive effect by taking the forgotten dose at once.
While continuing as a habit, we are guiding you not to think too nervously about forgetting to take a day or so.
How long does it take to feel the effect?
After about 3 months of continuous use, many people feel that it is different from before.
Each person's physical condition is different, so there are individual differences.
I am going to the hospital. Is it okay to take it?
Since it is a food product, there should be no problem in principle, but if you are visiting a hospital or receiving medical treatment, please consult your family doctor just in case.
If you are allergic to or avoid certain ingredients, please check the ingredients and consult your doctor.
I am taking medication. Will taking supplements have any effect?
Since it is a food, there should be no problem in principle, but if you are taking medicine, please consult your family doctor just in case. If you have a conflict with medicine or avoid it due to your physical condition, please consult your doctor after checking the ingredients.
Is it okay for my child to take it?
Basic and Premium are supplements intended for those over the age of 18 (adults). For children, e-special "super kids support” is recommended.
Is it okay to take it with tea or juice?
Since it is food, there is basically no problem, but since it is important to eat it as a daily habit, we recommend that you eat it with cold or lukewarm water, considering the prevention of excessive caffeine and calorie intake.
When dieting, restricting food intake, fasting, etc., can this supplement provide enough nutrients for one day?
It supplements the nutrients that you cannot get in your daily diet and the nutrients that you want to take more actively, and it does not replace all the nutrients you eat.
We recommend that you take this supplement to replenish nutrients while keeping a well-balanced diet in mind.
Are the supplements developed by the clinic effective when I am not feeling well?
It is not a medicine, it supplements the nutrients that you cannot get enough from your daily diet or the nutrients that tend to be deficient as you age. If you feel unwell, please consult your doctor.
Is it okay to use it with supplements from other companies?
Since it is a food product, there should be no problem in principle, but we cannot answer about the products and ingredients of other companies. Even if it is not used in combination with other company's products, it is formulated so that you can take sufficient nutrients for a healthy and active life.
I am pregnant.Is there any problem if I take it?
If you are within 3 months of pregnancy or wish to become pregnant, please be careful not to overdose, although it does not contain any ingredients that will be a burden on your body.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please consult your doctor just in case.
My physical condition has deteriorated since I started taking it. Is it okay to continue?
Since it is food, it may not suit your body depending on your allergy or physical condition. In such cases, discontinue use and consult a doctor if you are concerned about your physical condition.
Please tell me how to store it.
Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and extreme cold. Avoid places near heating vents, humidifiers, in cars, and near windows exposed to sunlight.
Also, keep out of reach of infants and children.
Is it possible to maintain the quality by storing it in the refrigerator?
We do not recommend storing the product in the refrigerator, as condensation may occur when the product is taken in and out of the refrigerator, and the capsules may harden due to cooling inside the refrigerator.
The color of your tablet may be different from before or may have changed during storage.
Natural products are used as raw materials, so there may be variations in color and fragrance, but there is no problem with quality.
How long is the expiration date?
There is an expiration date on the side of the box. It has been one year since it was manufactured, but please consume it as soon as possible after opening.
Can aluminum pouches be stored for a long time?
As it is a food and uses abundant natural products, please enjoy it within the expiration date. Consume immediately after opening the pouch.

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