For skin that’s healthy inside and out 

The E-SPECIAL care series products were created by Eri Katagiri, M.D., Director of ERI Clinic Omotesando, building on the knowledge gained through her medical practice and her own experience.
The full lineup includes skincare products and supplements to open the door to vital and healthy skin, body, and mind.

Why I developed E-SPECIAL:

The aspirations of Eri Katagiri, M.D., Director of ERI Clinic Omotesando

Giving each person the skin of their dreams through a care program
that looks not only at their todays but also at their tomorrows.

Since my 20s, I have tried many, many cosmetic products. But my skin condition continued to languish despite the numerous skincare items.

“Why?” I asked myself, over and over again. Then one day it came to me. “Maybe,” I thought, “the key is to do away with complicated ingredients, and go back to simplicity.” I decided to develop my own skincare line.

And so my Doctor’s Cosmetic E-SPECIAL was born: simple, streamlined and delivering a steady feeling that it is working for you.

Ultimately, my research led me to skincare that creates “unwavering skin” that remains unshaken by age or skin problems.

In the uncertain world of today, it is my hope for each person to maintain the skin and healthy body of their dreams, through care programs that look not only at their todays but also at their tomorrows.

Director of ERI Clinic Omotesando
Specialties: Aesthetic dermatology, internal medicine
Affiliations: The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine; Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology; Councilor, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Eri’s policy is to provide only those treatments that she felt definitely worked for her. She has researched safe and effective treatments based on her wealth of clinical experience.
Her exquisite techniques and aesthetic sensibilities have won her the confidence of actresses, models, and beauty professionals, who trust her with their skin.
Her E-SPECIAL Series, developed from her experience of having overcome her own skin problems, has developed a reputation in many circles and boasts a high repeat purchase rate.

Introduction to the E-SPECIAL brand

E-SPECIAL is an at-home care program developed by Eri Katagiri, M.D., Director of ERI Clinic Omotesando.
The ingredients and formulation are selected from the doctor’s point of view, in light of the skin’s structure and mechanisms.

E-Special is a home care product developed by Eri Katagiri, Director of Eri Clinic Omotesando.
Based on the structure and function of the skin, the ingredients and prescription are selected from the doctor's perspective.

The features of E-SPECIAL products

“This-is-all-you-need” skincare that takes your skin’s true needs into account.

Care programs that focus on
your todays and your tomorrows

Aging skin is a concern for all of us. But what’s really important is strengthening our skin’s basics instead of relying on fanciful products. E-SPECIAL proposes care programs from a doctor’s point of view, taking your tomorrows into account: “Continued and proper use of this product now will ultimately lead to anti-aging care.”

Three types of care
for comprehensive beauty

The Basic Care Line is for day to day skincare. Add the Advanced Care Line when you want to play some aggressive offense against specific concerns. The Original Supplements provide further care from the inside. A multifaceted approach to beauty.

is the quintessence of skincare

A care program for perceivable results through efficient delivery of ingredients your skin needs. Hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Can be used on any skin type.

Dr. ERI’s style: Three commitments

Commitment to ingredients

What are your skin’s true needs? This was the first question Dr. Eri Katagiri considered when developing her Basic Care Line.
Instead of throwing everything in, she selected ingredients which are essential for maintaining good skin condition and which contribute directly to perceivable results. The ingredients are also researched for their mutual compatibility.
Another hallmark of E-SPECIAL products is that they contain only those ingredients which made sense to Dr. Eri Katagiri after trying them on her own skin.
She is especially committed to hydration, and her obsession is reflected in the selection of moisturizing agents. Even though skin cleaners are usually designed for removal, hers contain unbelievable amounts of moisturizer. There is even moisturizer added to peeling products which are for removing unwanted keratin.
The Advanced Care Line takes things a step further, containing ingredients which can play aggressive offense in pursuit of clinic-level results as only a doctor can provide.

Commitment to usage

Our skin is constantly affected by UV, dry air, stress, hormonal imbalances, and our autonomic nervous system. This can often result in panic-inducing irregularities such as loss of firmness and luster, visible pores, and dryness.
But even during such trying spells, there is no need to switch products if you’re using E-SPECIAL.
If you have built a solid base for your skin through everyday skincare, your skin will remain fresh, your mind serene, and your immunity boosted.
Even when you’ve been using another cosmetic brand, you’ll feel like you’ve “come home.” That’s the kind of skincare E-SPECIAL is.

Commitment to texture and packaging

It’s got to feel nice since you’re going to be using it every day!
E-SPECIAL’s policy on texture is very simple: “Non-sticky.” The idea is to keep stickiness to a minimum, because we want you to re-apply 2 or 3 times depending on the needs of your skin.
A lengthy process of trial and error resulted in a texture that doesn’t feel heavy or suffocating, even when re-applied repeatedly.
Packaging is important, too. The Basic Care Line is packaged in soft, mood-lifting pink. The Advanced Care Line comes in black bottles suggesting a high level of performance.

Basic Care Line

A simple program consisting of Four Basic Items + Special Care.

What kind of care program does your skin truly need? The Basic Care Line was developed in pursuit of this question.
Removing excess and moisturizing thoroughly. This is all your skin needs to stabilize itself and remain unwavering against age and skin problems. Even without switching between various cosmetic products, you can help your skin get closer to a beautiful state. The basic program of care is simplicity itself, with only 4 items. To this you add the Special Care item to suit your specific skin concern. This user-friendliness is another reason for this program’s appeal.


"Beautiful Skin Regeneration Program" to awaken your skin’s inherent beauty.

Focuses on your skin’s inherent barrier function, moisture retention power, and restorative/regenerative capacity. Helps your skin functions to work and boosts your skin’s basic capacity and immunity. Awakens your skin’s dormant beauty.

Barrier function
Your skin serves as a barrier to protect against dryness and other external irritants and to retain the moisture inside. The Basic Care Line hydrates thoroughly to protect this barrier function.
Moisture retention power
Moisture is so important for your skin. For Basic Care to super-charge your skin with plenty of moisture, the water molecules were made smaller for higher penetration.
Restorative/regenerative capacity
Sagging and wrinkling occur when the skin loses its springiness and its restorative/regenerative capacity of returning to its original shape is compromised. This capacity is restored by SymMatrix, an ingredient used across the Basic Care Line.

Advanced Care Line

“Aggressive offense” for even more beautiful skin

We found that some of our Basic Care customers also wished to play more offense to address their skin condition or concerns. The Advanced Care Line was created to meet this need.
The line boasts clinic-level performance and includes Skin Clear Serum for gentle, effective removal of excess keratin and Eye Stretch Serum which focuses on growth factors to promote lifting in the eye area.
Experience the high functionality that only a doctor-prescribed line can provide.

Supplement Line

"Doctor-prescribed" supplements focusing on beauty and health

As the global environment deteriorates and many people suffer from stress and other problems, the importance of inner beauty continues to rise. Yet there are those who take supplements randomly, without any clear objectives.
E-SPECIAL supplements are developed from a doctor’s perspective, building on the knowledge and experience gained through Dr. Eri Katagiri’s clinical practice and the trends in medical care.
We recommend this care not only for health but also for beauty, as we believe that “Beauty is built on health.”


"Doctor-prescribed" in the pursuit of perceivable results

Rigorously selected, trusted ingredients, optimally blended for each purpose. High concentrations of key ingredients for reliable improvement..

Select the product best suited to your purpose

“Internal care” can mean many things to many people - managing their health, losing weight, being active, etc. Our wide range of products lets you choose the supplement that is perfect for you.

Assists with basic internal care

For efficient, precision replenishing of components that ordinary multinutrient supplements can’t quite achieve, such as niacin for better lipid metabolism and glucosamine for smoother joint movement.