A basic beauty & health supplement. Take 2 tablets a day for 500 mg of vitamin C.

E-SPECIAL Mega Vitamin C500 [120 capsules]

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Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for beauty and health. Because Vitamin C cannot be produced in your body, and because it is easily lost by stress, UV, and lifestyle habits, it must be supplemented every day.
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Recommended for people like this.

Those who are concerned about aging.
Those who want brighter or more flawless skin.
People concerned about their unhealthy lifestyle.
Those who want to boost their immunity.

Dr. ERI’s development points

In addition to high quality Vitamin C, it contains plenty of other beautifying and antioxidizing ingredients including beta-carotene, pycnogenol, and rutin. The special manufacturing method allows for rapid absorption into the body and a long-lasting nutritional effect.

Product information

A great example of essential nutrients for beautiful skin and health promotion

A hybrid supplement which provides a plentiful 500 mg of Vitamin C of even higher quality than before.
In addition to Vitamin C, it contains other beautifying and antioxidizing ingredients including beta-carotene, pycnogenol, and rutin. In addition, it is designed for rapid absorption into the body and long-lasting nutritional effect.
It also has an excellent antioxidant effect, promotes collagen production and supports strengthening of immunity.

Customer Comments

I can’t do without it!
After finding out that we lose a lot of Vitamin C just by living, I make sure I replenish every day with this.
Woman in 30s
The secret to beauty is Vitamin C.
I asked someone around my age who has beautiful skin what her secret was, and she told me she makes sure she gets Vitamin C through food and supplements. That’s why I began taking this!
Woman in 40s
I don’t tire as easily as I used to.
The train station stairs during my daily commute don’t feel as daunting as they did before!
Woman in 40s

How to take

StepAs a guideline, take 2 tablets per day with water without chewing.
Main nutrients/ingredients
Main nutrients
Per 2 tablets/day (1.28 g)
Protein: 0.035 g, Fats: 0.37 g, Carbohydrate: 0.83 g, Salt equivalent: 0.001 g, Vitamin C palmitate: 530 mg, Citrus bioflavonoid: 50 mg, Rutin: 50 mg, Pycnogenol: 3 mg, Beta-carotene: 2,000 μg, Quercetin: 2 mg, Echinacea extract: 2 mg,
*These values shown are approximate.

Sophora japonica (pods) extract, mixed citrus extract, pine bark extract, echinacea extract / vitamin C palmitate, starch (modified starch), beta-carotene, HPMC