The same amount as four normal size bottles!! Popular big bottle A cleansing gel that is like a beauty essence containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that will make your skin more glossy the more you use it.

E Special Cleansing Gel V [120mL]

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Contains plentiful beauty essence ingredients such as high-concentration hyaluronan acid, water-soluble collagen, Edelweiss extract, dill extract, etc. This cleansing gel does not require double face washing like washing with beauty essence. Cleanly removes makeup, excess oil, and pore-clogging dirt while protecting moisture. Makes your skin moist and smooth.

Recommended for people like this.

Those who do not want to wash their face twice.
Those who have eyelash extensions.
Those who are concerned about dry skin.
Those who want to remove their makeup thoroughly.

Dr. ERI's Key Point

Cleansing that does not wash too much is the first step to beautiful skin
The barrier function and moisturizing ability of the skin become weaker with age, but double face washing will accelerate it. Too much washing removes moisture and may put a burden on the skin. Even if I use moisturizing lotion, doesn't it only compensate for the negative impact? High quality cleansing will change your skin. Let's aim for beautiful skin with cleansing that takes care of skin carefully.

Cleansing gel

Product information

Removes dirt on your skin gently without the need to wash your face twice

The smooth gel quickly blends into your skin and lifts and removes makeup and sebum.
Another great benefit is that when you emulsify it with cold or lukewarm water and wash it away, it also removes highly hydrophilic dirt such as dust and sweat.
As it prevents overwashing and preserves moisture well, it is recommended not only for removing makeup but also for morning face washing.
Can also be used for eyelash extensions.

Customer Comments

I will always keep using this product.
I am a repeat user of this cleansing. The big bottle is brilliant. It is sold only once in a while, so I am looking forward to the next time it is available. I think it's a very good deal.
Woman in 40s
It's great.
I've been using it for several years. I've tried various things until now, but this cleansing is the best. I'm glad to have found a good product.
Woman of unknown age
I use it all the time!
This gel is convenient because it removes eyeliner easily and does not burden your skin!
Woman in 30s

How to use

Most people put too much force on their fingers when cleansing.
Master how to use the warmth of your palm to leave the necessary sebum and work in the active ingredients.
The key point of this product is not to rub, but to blend it in gently to envelop your face.
StepThe cleansing agent blends better when warmed to body temperature than when left at room temperature, and it can absorb more of the makeup you wish to remove. Dispense it from the container, then place it on the palm of your hand and warm it up.
StepApply the warmed cleansing agent to several places such as your right and left cheeks, forehead, and chin, moving from the inside to the outside. As much as possible, place the cleansing agent on your skin without putting pressure on your fingers.
StepIf you put pressure on your fingers when applying the cleansing agent, it can cause pigmentation and fine lines… Use the entire palm of your hand and blend it into your face so that it envelops your face.
StepFor pore-clogging dirt, you can remove the dirt deep inside the skin by repeating the movement of pushing the skin with the palm of your hand and slowly releasing it without rubbing. Blend the product into the area around your nose by drawing a circle with your fingers.
StepRinse with warm water at around 36-37 degrees, which is a little warmer than body temperature. Rinse your hairline and face line carefully so that there is no residue left.

Dr. ERI's beauty recipe

3 STEP Beauty Recipe using E-SPECIAL Cleansing Gel V

Introducing a secret technique that can not only be used for removing makeup and face washing, but also for pore care and scalp care.

Four steps of skin care





Ingredient display
Mineral Oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, PEG-12 Diisostearate, PEG-10 Glyceryl Isostearate, Distyl Dimonium Hectorite, Water, BG, Glycerin, Dill Extract, Rubus Fruticosus Extract, Edelweiss Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Water-soluble Collagen, Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Cocoyl Glutamate TEA, PEG-8 Diisostearate, Tocopherol, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it in the bath?
Do not wet your face or hands. Please use in a dry condition.
The product is difficult to dispense at the end.
Because it contains a lot of beauty ingredients, it may be difficult to dispense at the end. Shake well before use.
The cleansing gel has hardened. What is the cause?
This product contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen like beauty essence in order to prevent the moisture in your skin from escaping when you wash your face. Hyaluronic acid tends to solidify when the temperature is low, so the hyaluronic acid and oil may solidify in winter.
As countermeasures,
① Open the lid and dispense the product
② Place the product in hot water
③ Shake the bottle regularly

We recommend the above countermeasures.
Do I need to wash my face twice?
We don't recommend washing your face twice at our clinic because it puts a burden on your skin and takes away the moisture that your skin requires. If you use E-SPECIAL cleansing gel, you can cleanse and wash your face with this one bottle. Do not rub. Blend lightly with your fingertips.
Can I remove waterproof mascara?
It can remove waterproof mascara, but there are also products that are hard to remove. In such cases, we recommend that you don't rub too much and use a dedicated cleansing product for the eye area.