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E-Special Ultra Super Niacin [90 Tablets]

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A supplement recommended for dieters that contains niacin, which supports energy efficiency, and inositol, a type of vitamin. It increases energy metabolism and prevents the accumulation of neutral fat.
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Those who want to go on a diet
Those who eat a lot of greasy food
Those who often drink alcohol
Those who with high triglyceride levels

Dr.ERI's Development Points

Niacin is excellent in improving metabolism, especially in promoting lipid metabolism, but if taken directly, symptoms such as hot flashes may occur. To prevent this side effect, we used niacin produced by a special manufacturing method. With the synergistic action of inositol, which helps the action of niacin, you can aim for an energy-efficient body.

Product information

Recommended for dieters who want a slim figure, or those who are concerned about their lifestyle

Contains niacin that supports energy efficiency and inositol, a kind of vitamin. Recommended for those who are concerned about blemishes and freckles, those who eat a lot of oily foods, and those who drink a lot of alcohol.

Customer Comments

It has also become a review of lifestyle habits
I love fried food and alcohol, and when I started to worry about my figure and health, my wife recommended it and I started buying it. Since I started taking this supplement, I naturally became conscious of improving my eating habits, and now I started losing weight and exercising.
Female in her 50s
I want to lose weight in a healthy way!
I started a diet, but I'm not good at strictly limiting my diet, so I bought it because I was attracted by the words metabolism support. I will continue to take it for a while in combination with exercise!
Female in her 30s
Niacin flush
I was taking another company's niacin, but I had symptoms like hot flashes, so I switched to this supplement. I don't have any symptoms like that, so I continue to drink with confidence.
Female in her 30s

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