E-special series
The ultimate “aging care” supplement that focuses on hormone balance

E-Special Multi-Supplement Women's Premium [60 packs (for about 1 month)]

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A multi-supplement born from many years of experience in dermatology. Carefully selected and formulated with essential nutrients for women, it leads to beautiful and healthy mind and skin.

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Those who are concerned about aging
Those who want to take supplements efficiently
Those who want total care
Those who are concerned about stress

Dr.ERI's Development Points

In this day and age, it's difficult to get the nutrients you need from food alone, but if left untreated, it can lead to poor physical condition and skin problems. Also, considering stress and environmental pollution, the reality is that vitamins and minerals alone are not enough. "Multi-supplement" is a combination and set in advance so that modern people can efficiently ingest various kinds of nutrients necessary for such people.

Product information

Multi-supplement for effective support
for women’s various concerns

In addition to useful ingredients that focus on the hormone balance that tends to become unbalanced with age,
based on ingredients such as various vitamins and amino acids, it contains plentiful anti-aging ingredients such as soybean isoflavone.
In addition, L-cysteine, vitamin C and niacinamide are also added to keep your heart and skin beautiful and healthy.
You can get the nutrients you need efficiently with just this product.

Point 1

Contains useful ingredients that focus on hormone balance that tends to become unbalanced with age.
Based on ingredients such as various vitamins and amino acids, it contains plentiful anti-aging ingredients such as soybean isoflavone.
In addition to active lactic acid bacteria that regulate the intestinal flora that tend to become unbalanced,
the beauty care ingredients that enhance metabolism and bring transparency and firmness to the skin will promote beauty from within.

Point 2

Makes your heart and skin beautiful and healthy. Fortified with three main nutrients

(1) Increases the dose of L-cysteine, an ingredient important for hair, nails and skin, by approximately 800 mg per day

Not only controls the production of melanin that causes blemishes, but also increases the amount of L-cysteine, which promotes skin renewal.
In addition, active oxygen works on the same ingredients and releases toxic substances from the body.
Also contains vitamin C which acts synergistically with these ingredients.

(2) Keep healthy hair and skin beautiful

Contains pantothenic acid which works with vitamin C and protects skin from damage by ultraviolet rays.

(3) Promotes healthy skin and mucous membranes

Nicotinamide which is also used for rough skin, aging care, and stress care is added.

Point 3

Twice a day, in the morning and at night.
We have combined various nutrients that should be taken for anti-aging care into a single capsule.Even busy people can keep up with taking their nutrients with minimum effort.
By taking "Premium 1" and "Premium 2" twice a day, in the morning and evening, you can ensure you are getting necessary ingredients.
The high ingredient purity and the large amount of required ingredients are due to the fact that this product is made by doctors.
One box containing two kinds of pouches is enough for one month.

Customer Comments

I noticed a change in my skin!
If I continue to drink every day, I feel that the brightness and luster of my skin have gradually changed. I would like to continue.
Female in her 50s
It's convenient because it's not difficult
I'm worried about aging and want to take care of it with supplements, but I'm not good at thinking about which one to take. . . It is very convenient to have this all in one bag! .
Female in her 40s
Continue a little longer
The stomach is in good condition and the skin condition is good.
Female in her 30s

How to take

Take 1 packet of 1 and 1 packet of 2 a day as a guide, and take it with water without chewing.
Main Nutritional Ingredients / Ingredient Name
Main nutritional ingredients


What's the difference between women's and men's?
Considering that women and men need different nutrients, we carefully select the ingredients. For women, in addition to improving the transparency of the skin and improving firmness and luster, the content focuses on ingredients that take into account changes unique to women due to aging and hormone balance. For men, we take into consideration the body's oxidation and lifestyle habits so that we can spend every day with vitality, and we also take into consideration men's menopause.
What is the difference between Basic and Premium?
Basic is an ingredient content that focuses on supplying basic nutrients for a healthy and youthful life. Premium is an efficient and wide range of nutrients for antioxidants that you want to supplement more actively with age.
When is the best time to take it?
Continuation is important, so it is recommended to make it a habit in your daily life. If you take it after breakfast and dinner, you won't forget it, and it will be efficiently absorbed together with the food in your stomach. It is not recommended to take this product before meals or on an empty stomach, as even small amounts of this product may stimulate the secretion of gastric acid.
Should I take premium 1 and 2 together once a day?
Even if you eat it all at once, the ingredients may not be absorbed sufficiently and may be excreted in a short time, so it is recommended to divide and eat one packet at a time during the day. In addition, it is also recommended to decide the timing and eat it every day, such as after meals in the morning and at night, according to the rhythm of your life.