Keratin care that focuses on the key areas without peeling or scrubbing.

Skin Polish Gel [30 g]

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This keratin care cleanser is effective not only for pore troubles that are natural enemies of beautiful skin, such as rough skin around the nostrils and blackheads in pores, but also for small spots (horny grains) around the neck and eyes. Gentle care leads to smooth skin.
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Recommended for people like this.

Those who do not like scrubbing or AHA.
Those who are concerned about rough skin.
Those who have pore troubles around their nostrils.
Those who want focused care such as horny grains.

Dr. ERI's Key Point

Skin Polish Gel raises the level of your usual skincare. Keratin treatment with this skin polish gel conditions the stratum corneum, gives the skin firmness and softness, and leads to clear skin. In addition, the effect of the lotion used after that will also be raised. It is also recommended to use it in combination with Skin Clear Serum.

Product information

Weekly focused care
provides smooth skin like a baby

A revolutionary keratin care gel that gently cares for problematic keratin and roughness
by using the function of slight static electricity generated when the gel changes into a liquid.
It is especially recommended for those who are concerned about skin damage from scrub and AHA.
Also, when used together with Skin Clear Serum, it will make your skin more transparent and plump.

Customer Comments

Makes your skin smooth.
I have been using the E-SPECIAL Basic Skincare Line for several years. Since I used it as a sample, I like it and use it continuously. I've tried several similar keratin care products from other companies. E-special makes my skin smooth. This feeling is not found in other companies' products.
Woman in 40s
It has an interesting feeling when I use it
When I apply it to my dry skin, unwanted keratin is removed, and it has a very interesting feeling when I use it. I enjoy my skincare routine more.
Woman in 20s
I was surprised by the "before and after"
After I bought the product, I first tried it on the back of my hand, and there was an obvious difference in brightness between the hand with the product and the hand without it!! I was surprised how much dirt and unnecessary keratin there was.
Woman in 30s

How to use

Use once or twice a week on dry skin after washing. It is effective not only for the whole face, but also for partial care such as areas around the neck and décolleté.
*Do not use immediately before exposure to UV light.
StepUse it on dry skin after washing your face and wiping off the moisture. Take an appropriate amount and spread it on your skin without putting pressure on your fingertips. A small pearl-sized amount (5 mm) is enough for one cheek.
StepGently spread on your skin without putting pressure on your fingertips. After massaging for a while (about 1 to 2 minutes), the gel turns into a water-like texture, and then it turns into a crumbly texture trapping old keratin and dirt in pores.
StepRinse off with cool or warm water, and then apply skincare as usual.

Dr. ERI's beauty recipe

Introducing the "Double Action Technique" which uses E SPECIAL Mild Doctor Peel and Mild Doctor Peel α.
Ingredient display
Water, BG, glycerin, carbomer, Thymus Serpyllum extract, Panax ginseng root extract, Origanum majorana leaf extract, potassium hydroxide, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we remove keratin with static electricity?
When you apply gel on your skin and massage it lightly, the gel will turn into a liquid. This physical change and weak static electricity generated by the friction of the massage play a role in separating old cells from new ones. At the same time, the gel that has become a liquid permeates into the stratum corneum, and takes the old cells that have peeled off and attached sebum and dirt into the gel. The static electricity is not strong enough to create a tingling feeling, so please don't worry.
There is often peeling gel that drops off, but what is it?
Old keratin, excess sebum, and dirt are mixed with the base material and ingredients of cosmetics. The main cosmetic ingredients of this product are plant-derived ingredients such as wild thyme extract, Panax ginseng root extract, and majorana leaf extract.
How long can I use it if I use an appropriate amount?
It depends on the frequency of use, but you only need to use a small amount, so even if you use it two to three times a week, it will last for about three months.
Can I use it on my body?
It is recommended to use it for keratin care such as hardened knees and elbows. You can also use it for décolleté and neck care. It will improve transparency and smoothness.
Tell me when to use it for maximum effectiveness!
If you have thick keratin, there is no particular problem even if you use the product every day. Over the first three days, the old keratin will come off, but it will gradually stop coming off. When this happens, reduce the frequency of use to once or twice a week. This product is designed so that unwanted keratin can be removed without applying force, so please be careful not to rub strongly even if the keratin does not come off. In addition, it is difficult to generate static electricity if water or sebum is left on the skin. Therefore, after washing your face, remove moisture thoroughly before use.