Super supplement for comprehensive care of oxidative stress

E-SPECIAL Ultra Antioxidant [90 capsules]

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Generously formulated with pycnogenol, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids, etc. for thorough care of that “rustiness” you feel as you age.
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Recommended for people like this.

People concerned about environmental stressors
Those who want to boost their immunity
People suffering from hay fever
People with age-induced discomfort

Dr. ERI’s development points

In my clinical practice, I noticed a rise in the number of people with hay fever and other allergies. I also noted the environmental issues becoming more of a focus with each passing year, including but not limited to air pollution. I felt the need to develop this product to counteract free radicals which are produced by harmful substances in our environment.

Product information

Total support for environmental factors such as stress, ultraviolet rays, air and water quality, and changes due to aging

Contains pycnogenol, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids, etc.
Promotes a synergistic effect by combining various kinds of antioxidant ingredients. Leads to a body that does not store toxic substances.

Customer Comments

I’m proactive about dealing with environmental stress.
I can’t avoid all harm, such as pollution in our air and our oceans, so I take supplements to provide some extra care. It’s expensive but of high quality, so I intend to keep taking it.
Woman in 40s
Interesting formulation
I really like this formula that combines various antioxidant ingredients.
Woman in 50s
To deal with hay fever
I used to suffer from hay fever every year, but my symptoms have been reduced since I started taking this regularly. It’s made me realize that prevention is also important.
Woman in 30s

How to take

StepAs a guideline, take 3 tablets per day with water without chewing.
Main nutrients/ingredients
Main Nutrients
Per 3 tablets/day (2.1 g)
Protein: 0.24 g, Sugars: 0.0 g, Carbohydrate: 0.06 g, Sodium: 1.5 mg, Beta-carotene: 6000 μg, Vitamin C palmitate: 250 mg, Vitamin E: 100.5 mg, Vitamin B1: 40 mg, Vitamin B2: 20 mg, Niacin: 10 mg, Niacinamide: 10 mg, Pantothenic acid: 40 mg, Vitamin B6: 20 mg, Zinc: 15 mg, Selenium: 50 μg, Lemon bioflavonoid: 200 mg, Hesperidin: 20 mg, Rutin: 10 mg, Pycnogenol: 25 mg, Inositol: 50 mg, Choline: 35 mg, Brewer’s yeast: 50 mg, L-cystine: 200 mg, Le-methionine: 20 mg, Glycine: 18 mg, Wheat germ extract: 120 mg *The values shown are approximate.

Ascorbyl palmitate, lemon peel extract, L-cystine, soybean extract, wheat germ extract, rice bran extract, yeast, thiamine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, pine bark extract, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, orange endocarp extract, L-methionine, glycine, mineral-containing yeasts, niacin, niacinamide, red bean extract, Dunaliella salina extract, microfibrous cellulose, gelatin