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A trial set consisting of four E-SPECIAL Basic Care Line items: Makeup remover/facial cleanser, skin lotion, beauty serum, and moisturizing cream. Comes with a special pouch bearing the E-SPECIAL logo.

E-SPECIAL Cleansing Gel V
<Makeup remover/Facial cleanser>(16 mL)
Makeup removal and face cleansing with one product. Cleansing without the need to wash your face twice.

E-SPECIAL Moisture Lotion V
<Skin lotion>(15 mL)
Light, fresh, moisture-replenishing lotion. The key to your skincare regimen.

E-SPECIAL Moisture Gel V
<Beauty serum> (8 mL)
The performance of beauty serum and emulsion, condensed into one. Gel to deliver beauty ingredients.

E-SPECIAL Active Cream V
<Moisturizing cream> (4 g)
For lustrous, dewy, bouncy resilience. Beauty cream to finish off your skincare routine.

*Trial set purchases do not qualify for our Website Renewal Commemoration gift-for-purchase campaign.

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Product information

Experience the "unwavering skin" of E-SPECIAL by using the product line for about one week.

A trial set consisting of the four E-SPECIAL Basic Care Line items.
A simple, moisture-replenishing skincare routine for a perceivable transition to “unwavering skin” with every use.

Customer Comments

I discovered this on YouTube!
Mari Yaguchi and Yuu Tejima recommended this on their YouTube YaguTeji Channel, and I just had to try out the cleansing gel! The containers looked small at first, but there was more than enough product to try them out. I purchased the full-sized product right away. It’s a bargain when you think of the price of the cream.
Woman in 20s
I can’t do without it
I’m a fan of E-SPECIAL Cleansing Gel. Nothing else will do for me, even on trips, so I purchased this for traveling.
Woman in 20s
An easy way to try out the products!
I bought it to try out the Active Cream. A little goes a long way, it spreads really well with an amazingly non-sticky sensation. I will continue using this for a while longer, and then I’ll consider whether to buy the actual product.
Woman in 30s

How to use

Cleansing Gel V
Use this product with dry hands on a dry face. Shake the container well. Take the recommended amount onto your palm and allow to warm up a little before spreading throughout your face. Working gently with your palms and fingertips, allow the gel to lift up makeup and skin oils. Rinse off thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.
Moisture Lotion V
Use a generous amount of this product on clean skin after washing your face. We recommend using this product from your whole face to your neck and décolleté. Blend well until the palm of your hand feels like it sticks to your skin.
Moisture Gel V
For morning and evening care, use this product after washing your face clean and balancing the skin with lotion. Apply by pressing down on the entire face, neck, and décolleté with your palm.
Active Cream V
Use as the final step of your morning and evening skincare. After washing your face and preparing your clean skin with lotion, etc., blend the cream into your skin for effective care. Apply small quantities at a time to areas prone to dryness, such as the eyes, mouth, and cheeks.

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All ingredients
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