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If you take advantage of your menstrual cycle, your skin will definitely change!

Eri Katagiri's Periodic Skin Care

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"Periodic" comes from the English word "period" meaning menstruation.
We chose this name because this product provides care using the menstrual cycle.
Women are very delicate. They have a period every month.
It can be said that women have a stronger connection with their hormones than men.
Our daily lives are affected by our hormones and our menstrual cycle.
Therefore, it can be said that women are "delicate".
Many people who are not aware of this even though women are greatly influenced by their menstrual cycle not only physically but also mentally.
There are good times and bad times.
If we can understand and control this situation well, we can minimize the waves of "changes in condition".
That’s why I put together this book to provide efficient skin care and daily living advice.

There was no manual, and I had to search for care techniques myself with no help, so it was a very difficult experience.
So I hope this book will act as a signpost for the process of trial and error that all women who read it pass through.
I hope I can help you establish your own care techniques as quickly as possible.
I hope you will find simple, efficient, and reliable ways to take care of your skin without relying only on a disorganized array of skin care items from all over the world.

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table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Early menstrual period, late menstrual period
  • Ovulation preparation period
  • Ovulation day
  • Pregnancy preparation period
  • Summary